Reading on KY Civil War Politics

I created this list first as a separate blog post, then decided it would make a good individual page as well.  This list will help me remember these books in case I want to look something up and might help others interested in Kentucky find some interesting or informative reading as well. This is in no particular order, other than how I thought of them when compiling this list.

The links are to my reviews, except for Kentucky Rising. I wrote a long review of it, but accidentally hit a delete button and lost it all so that link is simply to the book’s page.

I do realize there likely are many books I have not read or even heard of on this subject, so I will appreciate any suggestions in the future and can easily update this page.

Kentucky Rising: Democracy, Slavery, and Culture From the Early Republic to the Civil War by James Ramage and Andrea Watkins. (I consider it to be a good “prequel” to the books listed below and wish I had read it before the others.)

War and Post-War:
Kentucky Rebel Town: The Civil War Battles of Cynthiana & Harrison County by William Penn

Wild Wolf: The Great Civil War Rivalry by Ronald Wolford Blair

(Kentucky politics is not a main focus of this bookbut it does touch on the topic and Holt’s life story is a wonderful  example of how this state’s mixed political identity, especially late in and after the war, affected individual lives and families.)

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