Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tidbits from Harper's Weekly, February 28, 1863

Here are a couple of interesting items I found in this old newspaper, a copy of which I'm fortunate enough to have.

The first two come from the "Humors of the Day" column and offer advice and suggestions for men to remember in their dealings with the fairer sex.

A sentimental young man thus feelingly expresses him-self: "Even as Nature benevolently guards the rose with thorns, so does she endow young women with pins."

Never quarrel with a lady. If you are troubled with her, retreat; if she abuses you, be silent; if she tears your cloak, give her your coat; if she boxes your ear, bow to her in return; if she tears your eyes out, feel your way to the door, and - fly!

The next item is an advertisement on page 144. It caught my attention quickly, but was probably very common in newspapers throughout the war years.

     Metallic Legs
(Patented Jan. 6th, 1863) by the
    Weighs only 4 pounds

Soldiers, price $59; civilians $75; silver-plated $100. They will lengthen and shorten and are self-adjusting.

Send for circular to:
J.W. Weston,
No. 491 Broadway, New York

I admit I don't understand why anyone would want an artificial leg to be "silver-plated" but at least Mr. Weston did offer a price discount on the more basic version to the soldiers who sadly found themselves in need of this new technology.

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