Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I voted!

Today was a primary election day in Kentucky and after getting home from work I was able to make it to the polling place a few minutes before it closed. The people inside said they had had good turnout throughout the day, which was good news to hear.

And I know the rest of this post may sound a bit "corny" or "sappy:" and maybe this entire post is too self-congratulatory, but so be it. I feel this is a very appropriate post to make. 

Being a Civil War blogger, I naturally started to think about the men camped out in rain, snow, or heat, risking their lives in battle or through exposure, and all their friends and families at home who missed them. It was the sacrifices of these individuals and families - and those from other wars from the Revolution to the War on Terror - that have allowed people like me the right to vote and I'm very glad I was able to exercise that right today.

 (American Flag GIF courtesy of  Pleasure Gait Farms  )

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