Thursday, April 7, 2011

Col. Stevenson at Falmouth

This is from the Covington Journal of April 6, 1861. It is not nationally significant, but I find it interesting from a local perspective, as Pendleton County is a neighbor to my home county, and a county I've visited quite frequently,  so I thought I'd post it here. It does show another example of support for the South from the northernmost areas of Kentucky, but that is to be expected in the Journal. 

I also have tried to find out more information about who exactly "Colonel" John W Stevenson was, but to no avail so far.

On Monday last, Hon. Jno. W. Stevenson addressed the people at Falmouth, Pendleton county. In reviewing the action of the late Congress he gave a history of the various attempts to effect an adjustment of our national troubles and presented in its true light the concerted and unyielding opposition of the Republicans to every plan suggested outside of their own organization. If we are not misinformed, Col. Stevenson endorsed the action of the Southern Rights Convention at Frankfort and said he would exhaust all honorable efforts to secure the adoption of the Crittenden Compromise. 

In reference to the approaching Congressional election, he said he was in the hands of his friends. 

The speech produced a marked effect upon the meeting, which was the largest ever held in Falmouth. Our informant says "Pendleton County is good for 400 majority for Stevenson."

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