Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some foreign coverage of the Crisis

Another interesting note from the Covington Journal, portraying positive news (or at least opinions) for the Confederacy from foreign countries.

The Havana papers publish in detail the news from the United States and comment voluminously on it. The Prensa says:

The confusion which must reign in the United States, with the calling out of the militia and the preparations for war, can scarcely be conceived. The general dissatisfaction, however, manifests itself in a thousand different ways; because the people will understand that the result of all these sacrifices will be that the drama will end where it ought to have begun, with the recognition of the independence and nationality of the two section into which the old republic is already divided,and the conclusion of treaties of amity and commerce. But, in the mean time, disaster is to succeed disaster without the possibility of remedy. What blindness on the part of the Republican party and President Lincoln!

This newspaper also carried this tidbit: The London Times, the most influential newspaper in the world, evidently sympathizes with the Confederate States.

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