Friday, August 5, 2011

Brief gunboat and Cincinnati story

Here is a brief article from the August 10, 1861 Covington Journal that makes some comments about a few Union gunboats. The mention of the sites of construction of these ships caught my eye, as this may refer to ships like the gunboat Cincinnati, mentioned in my previous post

The three gunboats Lexington, A.O. Tyler and Conestoga, fully armed and manned, leave New Albany to-day for Cairo. There is no doubt but that they will get out of the Lower Ohio. The two former have each six guns on board, and the latter four guns.

We understand that none of our Cincinnati ship builders obtained the contracts for building the thirteen gunboats for the Government. They are to be built at Pittsburg, St. Louis, and other points.

Thirty-five cars loaded with guns and ammunition arrived from Pittsburg on Sunday, via the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad. The ordnance was all re-shipped over the Ohio and Mississippi Road to Cairo.

(From the Cincinnati Enquirer, 6th)

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