Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back into the Reading Mode

One reason my posting has not been as frequent in recent weeks is I have not done as much reading. I cannot offer any good explanations as to why, other than using my Ipad more often and not being very comfortable with e-books yet (though I have finished most of one such book, though in very piece-meal fashion over several weeks.)

I am, however, ready to get back into doing more reading and finding more ideas for discussion. The book I just started is The. H.L. Hunely: The Secret Hope of the Confederacy by Tom Chaffin. It is a nice coincidence that I started this just before the recent news about the submarine's spar was revealed.Hopefully I can get through this book in a timely fashion and offer some thoughts on it, and maybe even try to analyze how this recent news may change or affect what the author offers in this book.

I also have Mrs. Lincoln by Catherine Clinton on my shelf. I have had it for quite a while, but my recent viewing of Lincoln has made me curious to read this account of the First Lady's turbulent life. That will probably be the next one I read (though I still have quite a few that have been sitting on my shelf for a while.)

Also, as I walked through a Barnes & Noble's store a few weeks ago, I saw they had copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin for sale. I did not buy one as I have at least one copy at home, but I think maybe I need to read this again. I read it in college, but that was about 20 years ago and though I'm not a big fan of reading the same book multiple times (or seeing the same movie more than once) this may be a book worthy of an exception to that ideal (just as Lincoln may be the exception for movies). I think I still have my college copy here as well as a nicer hardback version like the one I saw in the store, so maybe this will be another one I read this year.

After those three, I still have many more on my shelves, and will probably look for other purchases too. I just hope I do actually read them and not just let them sit on the shelf, looking pretty and collecting dust.


  1. I hear you. It's so easy to add to the collection, but another question altogether if I have the time to read all of my purchases. I am lagging far behind in keeping up with the intake! That said, I am currently in a reading mode, which means that I have less time for blogging. (So I guess that is the opposite problem that you are having.) I find that I have so much to learn about the war that it's either get through books, or research for posts, and sometimes I just want to sit on the couch with a good book and take it all in!

  2. I've stayed away from reading any of the books on the Hunley simply because new information seems to come out on a regular basis. It's not really a good excuse, however, because I know that any well done book on the submarine and its men is going to be a good read.


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