Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feeling recharged as a volunteer

Days like today make volunteering at the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum feel even more worthwhile than normal. We had one tour of history teachers, with about 30 in attendance, and then a group of home-schooled children (about 30 more, with a few chaperones) also came it for our educational program.

Both groups did give us money, but that is besides the point. The opportunity to show off our musuem and to contribute to the education of children is so wonderful. Spreading the word about the Civil War in the Cincinnati area and how our museum focuses on that time period is the reason for our existence, and when so many people are at the museum, it seems more alive, energetic and refreshing. It's definitely a positive feeling to have so much energy around the building as we had today. Some days our normal hours can be a little bit slow, but days like today sure help to show how our museum can help the region understand its past.

It was a great day for the museum, and a nice reminder of why I volunteer and how I can help make a difference. Thanks to the other volunteers and board members who were able to help today. What a great day it truly was!

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