Saturday, October 31, 2009

Public Speaking

Before July of 2008, I had never given a public talk. After last night's talk before the Northern Kentucky Civil War Roundtable, I have now done three - 2 for that group and one earlier this month for a local historical society.

Granted that still leaves me quite the novice in this area, but I did notice I felt much more relaxed and comfortable last night than in the past. Perhaps it is true that "practice makes perfect."

I had never imagined myself doing even one such talk, but, then again, I didn't expect to be posting blogs on the web either. Hopefully my entries and my talks have brought at least some enjoyment and maybe even some learning to anyone who has read or heard me.

I just wonder what the future holds. I certainly intend to continue this blog, but will other speaking opportunities arise? Will I find new subjects worth discussing? Only time can tell.

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