Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Veterans Day to all

I realize Veterans' Day is actually on Wednesdy, but the Ramage Museum held our annual commemoration of this day earlier today at Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, and it was just awesome.

The weather was incredibly good for early November, with a beautiful, clear sky and warm temperatures that must have been around 70 degrees. It was simply gorgeous.

The service went well. We chose to focus on World War II Veterans for this year's event. I was a bit nervous about doiung that instead of celebrating all veterans, but it went very well and we had around 70 men and women from that war show up. It was simply awesome to see them all in one place and to get to meet many of them, shaking their hands and telling them "thank you." Some were on walkers or wheelchairs and all, of course, are quite ederly, but it was so special to see so many gathered together, being honored for their courage, bravery and patriotic service.

It truly was an amazing day and event.

Thank you to all veterans, no matter when you served. God bless you all.

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