Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ohio at Perryville blog

On facebook a few days ago, a friend posted a link to the Ohio at Perryville blog which I had not seen before. It is a very enjoyable site I wish I had found before my recent trip to that central Kentucky battlefield. I'll certainly be following it as I start planning my next trip to that field, which might be before the end of the year. I'm thinking now I would like to see it in mid-October, at the same time of the year the battle was fought. I doubt I try to go to the re-enactment, but a couple weeks afterwards might be a time for another mini-vacation.

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  1. As owner of the Ohio at Perryville blog, I really appreciate the mention! Ironically, I too was thinking about another trip to Perryville in the fall (but not during the reenactment). I want to GPS all the trails there, take pictures of the Ohio regiments' positions (as far as I can determine them), and perhaps talk to the site manager about having a 5K walk/run there in the future.


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