99th Post here at the Obsession

Well, after about 13 months in the blogosphere, I've reached my "post before my 100th post," and though 100 seems like the bigger milestone, I thought now would be a good time to do a "state of the Obsession" entry.

When I started this little experiment, I had no idea  how it would go or what I would get out of it, but I must admit I've really enjoyed it. It is difficult at times to find material to post, and the time to post it, and I have not quite posted the kind of opinions and thoughts that I originally believed I might, but it has been a good learning experience.

When I started this, I thought I would enter all kinds of original opinions, observations and thoughts about the war and, at the start, I did. Since then, I've started adding a lot more reprints of various pieces I've found in old books, newspapers or ephemera, and have added a few book reviews as well, but not as much original opinion, analysis or insight.

The time I started blogging was also about the same time I started reading various Civil War blogs, and that has been quite an eye-opener. I see some very well-written, thoroughly-researched articles and entries, and several bloggers I have found offer really detailed and informative analysis of various subjects related to the Civil War. There really is quite a lot to learn just from the blogs.

I'm not convinced I can offer the type of insight that many other fellow bloggers do, but I plan to keep trying to find something new or interesting to post. I hope I can average at least one entry per week, though more would be ideal, but I think the direction my blog has headed in recent months is one I like and will try to continue to follow, with a mixture of book reviews, discussions of recent articles, re-printing older articles, poems or stories, and I'd like to add some more original type of material as well.

I will see where this continuing experiment takes me, but I've really enjoyed it so far. By starting this blog, I have found some very enjoyable blogs to follow and discovered new ways to learn about this fascinating period of time. I hope that in some small way I can contribute something unique to the world of Civil War study, as I continue to explore my Civil War Obsession.

Thanks for indulging me in this perhaps self-congratulatory post.

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