Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Civil War Headstones: The Blog

I'm trying a new experiment here in the blogosphere, as I have decided to start a new blog and focus my research on local Civil War headstones on that page, while using this page for more general Civil War stories and commentary.

I simply called it "Civil War Headstones" and the link is here, but it will focus on headstones in Campbell County Ky, and the stories of the men buried here. I may include some stories from neighboring counties, and perhaps even across the river into Cincinnati, but my home county is my main focus for this.  I hope to find some interesting tales - I already have a couple of possibilities, but need to finish researching them.

I don't expect that blog to be updated as often as this one, as I will need to focus on original research on that one and as winter weather starts to approach, I doubt I spend much time in the cemeteries until spring.

Still, I have found a lot of names to research, so the good side of the cooler weather is that it will give me reason to  head to the local library and review some microfilm records for obituaries and other stories.

I have posted a couple of those type of stories here in the past, such as one on August Seither and another on William Horsfall and may repeat those over there, but, hopefully, rewritten with additional information or perspectives.

I think there is a lot of potential for some fun finds in this area, which is kind of why I started a separate blog for it. I think and hope there will be enough material, and it will be interesting enough to be separate from this forum.

I already found one headstone that actually misspelled the word "veteran" as "vertran" which I thought was unique.

Please feel free to check out Civil War Headstones and watch for future entries. I'm already surprised with the number of stones I've found so far and look forward to doing some good old-fashioned leg-work and library research for this new blog.

Suggestions, as always, are very welcom.

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