Monday, February 14, 2011

2 KY Senators discuss the state resolutions, part 2

Regarding the state resolutions I posted about previously right here  and one state Senator's thoughts on it, here are the comments of Benjamin P. Cissel, a Democrat from (ironically) Union County.

He clearly was not happy with the legislature's decision.

Mr. Speaker - I rise to make an explanation. I am sorry that the dominant majority here have seen proper by moving and carrying the previous question to put the gag upon the mouths of the Representatives of a free people.  The motion and action by the majority is unjustifiable, illiberal and altogether out of the ordinary laws of parlimentary usage and courtesy. But as it is, the gag has been placed upon our mouths, and all that is left me, is a mere explanation of my vote. The 3d resolution is nothing but one offered by myself; the Senator from Logan and the Senator from Bourbon, at an early day in the session, so weakened as to mean nothing; its vitality has been extracted from it. Yet, being unable to do better - if I  had to vote on it as a single proposition, I would vote for it. But when I am compelled to indorse the statements in the whole, I cannot do it. I had hoped that Kentucky would have placed herself in a bold and proud position; but these resolutions, if hoped to destroy her character for manliness and independence and place her, through this General Assembly, in opposition which will not be seconded by her gallant and daring sons. Therefore, as a whole, I cannot indorse them, and must vote against them, and from party caucuses and party cliques, I for one intend to appeal to the liberality and magnanimity of a free and enlightened people.

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