Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manhood: How Lost, How Restored, 1861 advertisement

I'm sure my friend Jim Schmidt has seen ads like this when researching his Civil War Medicine columns and blog entries,  but it's the first I've seen like this. It is a bit strange to see something like this printed publicly during the Victorian age (though it apparently is just a lecture, not an actual medicine. I guess it's not quite the Viagra of it's time.)

It is from the Covington Journal of February 9, 1861. (And it is interesting that the doctor admitted to learning this from "his own experience.")

How Lost, How Restored
Just published in a sealed envelope

On the NATURE, TREATMENT and radical cure of SPERMATORRHEA, or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debility, Nervousness and Involuntary Emissions, inducing Impotency, and Mental and Physical Incapacity,
author of the Green Book,&c.

The world-renowned author, in this admirable Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience that the awful consequences of Self-abuse may be effectually removed without medicine and without dangerous surgical operations, bougies, instruments, rings or cordials, pointing out a mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by which every sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically. This lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thousands.

Sent under seal to any address, post paid, on the receipt of two postage stamps, by addressing DR. CH  J.C. KLINE, 127 Bowroy, New York, Post Box 4,586

(Here's a definition of a "bougie" - use your imagination what use it would have had for these conditions.) 

Here is an image of the ad. Sorry it's a bit blurry, but it was difficult to convert it from .pdf format and I'm still new with manipulating images, so this will have to do.

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  1. Thanks for the "shout out" buddy! What a GREAT find! I had posted some ads for "Lincoln's Sexual Pills" a year or so ago but those were from the late 1800s/early interesting this ad of yours is from mid-century! Thanks for sharing! Jim


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