Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A possible Confederate ancestor in my family tree?

A cousin recently alerted me to the possibility that we have an ancestor who served in the 13th Kentucky Cavalry (CSA.)

His name is Roger Turner McIntosh, but he apparently went by Turner and he was from Breathitt County, Kentucky and that region.

We still have not definitely identified him as our ancestor, but it seems to be a promising lead, as we both have a Roger Turner in our lineage as well as many Mcintoshes. That is not definite of course, but it's something that I'll need to research. My first efforts have not been overly fruitful, but at least I have this lead to work on.

What's also neat is that we do have a couple of ancestors who fought for the Union - my g-g-g grandfather Nimrod McIntosh was in the 7th KY Infantry and his brother Richard was in the 14th KY Cavalry (USA). They both were from Breathitt County as well.

Could Turner McIntosh be related to them, perhaps a cousin of some sorts? It's just speculation now, but I do think it would be kind of fascinating to find members of the same family fighting on opposite sides, and all being in my family tree. That would be far from unique, of course, but it would add something new and fascinating (in my opinion, of course) to my family history.


  1. Hi Richard, my name is Ralph Barber, I found your blog today and have enjoyed spending apx 3 hrs reviewing same. I wish you luck in researching your possible confederate ancestor. I have recently discovered that I have both Union and Confederate ancestors who fought in the war. Three first cousins (3X removed) were brothers, 2 of whom were union and 1 a confederate. I have discovered that their respective units fought in some of the same battles, but as yet have no information as to whether oor not they may have actually fought against each other.
    It is indeed fun and exciting doing the research on this aspect of one;s ancestors. Both of their units fought at Perryville

  2. Thank you. Just last year I found out I had a Union ancestor, and that was exciting enough as before then I didn't think I had any ancestors who had fought.

    I hope my blog will be worth your time. It is fun to create and write

  3. I believe this is also a relative of mine. If you would like to talk and see what we can figure out email me adrianamontroy@yahoo.com


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