Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reaction to the Seizure of Arms in Cincinnati

Please see a previous post about boatloads of arms being seized in Cincinnati 

The April 27 (1861) version of the Covington Journal publishes the following two stories related to this incident

The following is from the Cincinnati Times of Thursday:
"A telegraphic dispatch received in this city announces the seizure of the steamers 'Queen of the West' and "Mars" at Helena, Ark. They were bound from New Orleans to this port, and were loaded with groceries, principally for our merchants

The authorities at Helena declare that they will hold the boats and cargoes until the arms seized at this port are released."

(See this link for more information on the Queen of the West.)

(Untitled Article)
A recent letter from the Governor of Ohio to the Mayor of Cincinnati gives indication that Reason has, to some extent, resumed her sway in the Buckeye State. The Governor says: -

"To seize arms going to a State which has not actually seceded would give a pretext for assertion that we had inaugurated hostile conduct, and might be used to create a popular feeling in favor of secession where it otherwise would not exist, and end in involving us in a border warfare, which all good citizens must deprecate.

Until there are such circumstantial evidence as to create a moral certainty of an immediate intention to use arms against us, I should not be willing to order their seizure. Much less would I be willing to interfere with transportation of provisions."

The mob may denounce this sensible talk; but if we are not misinformed the mob is losing its power in Cincinnati. 

Arkansas would declare its secession on May 6.

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