Friday, May 13, 2011

Obstructions to Commerce

In the Covington Journal of May 11, 1861 comes this brief article. It's interesting how the "states' rights" point of view did not apply here. This is reprint from an article in the New Orleans Picayune. It refers to Governor Thomas Moore of Louisiana.

Obstructions to Commerce
Governor Moore has received instructions from the Government at Montgomery, through Hon. C.G. Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury, totally disapproving of any obstructions to commerce in ports.

The Collector of New Orleans has also been notified to the same effect; and an order has been sent to Galveston to raise the embargo at that port and to release all vessels, the General Government alone having the power to lay an embargo on commerce.

It is in accordance with these instructions that Gov. Moore ordered the release of the steamship Cahawba.

Gov. Moore in reply to a dispatch relative to the seizure of boats and other Southern property by the authorities of Ohio, has been informed by the Government at Montgomery to wait until these reports shall be confirmed, and then only to retaliate by seizing property belonging to the citizens of Ohio.

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