Monday, August 22, 2011

Federal Encampments in Kentucky

The Covington Journal of August 24, 1861 has a few articles and stories about Kentucky, troops within the state as it continues its efforts to remain neutral. I will be posting these in the next few days. This story is reprinted in the Journal from the Frankfort Yeoman.

Federal Encampments
The deep anxiety almost universally felt in Kentucky in relation to the Federal camps in Kentucky, has induced Governor Magoffin to send Messrs. Frank Hunt and W.A. Dudley as Commissioners to represent to Abe Lincoln the views of Kentucky as to this violation of our neutrality, and to suggest to him the speedy withdrawal of his camps; and he has also sent George W. Johnson as a Commissioner to Jeff Davis, to seek from him a satisfactory assurance that he will respect Kentucky neutrality and abstain from any war-like movements upon our soil. The great mass of the people will learn, with the liveliest satisfaction, these efforts of our vigilant and energetic Governor in preserving peace within our own border. There are a few Lincolnite Irrepressibles who justify these encampments, but they confront with their feeble influence the almost universal sentiment of Kentucky.  [Yeoman, 20th]

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