Monday, August 29, 2011

Outrages by Federal Troops Against Kentucky

The Covington Journal continues its reporting about Kentucky, neutrality and reported Federal actions against that effort in its August 31, 1861 edition.

Outrages by Federal Troops Against Kentucky - Violation of our Neutrality
Intelligence was received here yesterday that on the day preceding, a thousand armed horsemen from Cairo  had crossed the Ohio river, captured two Kentuckians in Ballard county, and carried them prisoners to Cairo. The Governor immediately instructed Senator Johnson, of Paducah, to Cairo, investigate the facts, demand the restoration of the captives to their liberty, and report to him without delay. On the heels of this, came a dispatch to the Governor communicating the proceedings of a meeting of citizens of Paducah, in which reciting the capture of citizens at Ballard, above mentioned, and the further fact that the Federal gun-boat Conestoga, from Cairo, had seized the steamer Terry, at the wharf of Paducah, a boat owned partly by citizens of that place and regularly engaged in lawful commerce, and carried it off for Cairo; they demanded protection and redress for such outrages, adding that if the State Government could not, or would not afford it, they would feel compelled, in self defense, to call on the Tennessee troops at Union City for aid. Later still, came another dispatch from Paducah informing the Governor that the steamer Orr, from Evansville, had been seized by the crew of the Terry, and run-up the Tennessee river, but that this seizure was not participated in by the citizens. 

We do not feel at liberty, at present, to report what has been done by the Governor in reference these extraordinary facts. When it shall be proper to divulge h is steps, it will be found that he has acted with wisdom and energy.  [Frankfort Yeoman, 24th]

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