Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Successful Battery Hooper Days 2011

I just wanted to add a quick post to sat that the Ramage Museum had a very successful weekend with Battery Hooper Days 2011, attracting over 950 people, up about 300 from last year. Funds received from donations and gift shop and book sales increased by over 35% as well.

The weather held out just long enough on Sunday. Around 6:00, we had to return the golf carts to Fort Wright's city building, and I was lucky enough to get the assignment to drive one of them. Or I thought I was lucky, but as soon as we took off, a downpour arrived, and given the low speed of the vehicle around city streets, up and down hills, and on the sidewalk of Kyles Lane, a major road, I was totally soaked to the bone by the time I was able to park my cart. It was certainly a memorable experience and I'm sure I looked rather funny when I got back to the museum with water-logged clothes and skin, but it was a fun way to end a fun weekend.

I'll include a couple of pictures of the grounds below. I regret that I did not get a lot of pictures of the many fine presenters we had or of the crowd that showed up, but here are a few images of some of the scenery from Sunday.  Anybody interested in seeing more pictures can "like"t the Battery Hooper Days page on Facebook. That page includes pictures from a lady who got several great pictures, better than the ones I had. Her photograph of Joyce Huggins as Harriet Beecher Stowe is simply wonderful.

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