Sunday, December 11, 2011

Newspaper article: The Negro in Congress

This is from the Covington Journal of December 7, 2011.

The "Irrepressibles" in Congress are moving with a high hand.

Senator Trumbull has given notice of a bill to give freedom to persons in slave States.

Representative Elliott proposes to advise the President to emancipate all slaves in any military district in a state of insurrection against the government.

Representative Campbell proposes to confiscate the slaves of rebels.

Representative Stevens offers a resolution directing the President to declare free all slaves who may leave their masters. 

Representative Gurley proposes to apprentice the slaves to loyal masters and after a while colonize them. 

Senator Wilson has introduced a bill to punish officers of the army and soldiers who may return fugitives from slavery.

The same Senator has introduced a resolution directing the committee on the District of Columbia to inquire into the expediency of abolishing slavery in the District.

All of this is the work of a day or two, and it is only the beginning. 

In this connection it is a significant fact that a resolution reiterating the Crittenden resolutions of last session to the effect that the only object in carrying on the war was to re-establish obedience to the Constitution and the Union, was on a motion of Mr. Stevens laid on the table by a vote of 71 to 65.

No one can mistake the purpose of the leading men of the party in power. If their counsels prevail the war will hereafter be prosecuted for the abolition of slavery. 

Lyman Trumball and Thaddeus Stevens 

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