Friday, March 9, 2012

More Articles on Slavery/Emancipation

These come from the Covington Journal of March 8, 1862. They were published in the same column, one above the other as presented here.

Slavery Agitation
Abrogation of the Fugitive Slave Law
The lower house of Congress, by a vote of 83 yeas to 42 nays, has passed a bill, which forbids all persons, in the naval or military service of the United States, from returning to the owners or claimants fugitives from service or labor, under the penalty of dismissal from the service

In the Senate, Thursday, Mr. Harris, of New York, presented a petition for the emancipation of slaves. Mr. Harlan, of Iowa and Mr. Collamer, of Vermont, also presented petitions for emancipation.

On the same day President Lincoln sent in a communication recommending Congress to make appropriations for aiding States to abolish slavery. This is an extraordinary proposition. No State has asked the aid of the Federal Government in any such project, nor is it likely that any State will ask aid for such purpose. It is a party movement - an item in the Republican programme for keeping up the agitation of the slavery question.


Here is a link to Lincoln's March 6 Message to Congress making this emancipation proposal.

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