Sunday, June 10, 2012

Down With Abolitionism

After a week without any posts, I turn back to the Covington Journal for a subject matter. Only a few more weeks of this paper are available, but it should still provide quite a few interesting articles.

In the edition from June 7, 1862, this paper continues its obsession with abolition and African-Americans, with a few more brief articles and stories. Here is one whose title makes the papers point of view very obvious.

Down with Abolitionism
DOWN WITH ABOLITIONISM! Let this be the motto of the truly loyal and conservative men of the North and West, until the monster is not only crushed, but killed. It was scotched at the spring elections - let us finish the job in the fall.

Down with the Abolitionists, and down with the men and presses, who, directly or indirectly, endorse and sustain them.

They must go down, or the country will go down. 

They must go down, or the Constitution will go down. 

They must go down, or the rights and liberties of the people will go down. 

They must go down, or the interests of the working man will go down. 

They must go down or the white race will go down.

There is no longer use in temporizing on the part of the conservative men. The radicals - led by Sumner, Wade et al- have been, and are as bitter enemies to the Union as the secessionists in the South. They prosecute the war solely that Abolitionism may be successful. Every day but furnishes additional evidence of their designs.

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