Saturday, April 27, 2013

Here I Am

I apologize for the lack of activity this year and do hope to begin posting more often though I realize I said that previously and that some things are easier said than done.

I have been very busy with e Ramage Museum since we reopened, serving as President as well as taking over many of the treasurer's duties. That has been quite an experience. I think it is good for me and my personal development, but, obviously, not so good for my blogging or even my reading.

The museum has had a good year so far. Our Blue/Gray Dinner and Silent Auction just took place this week. We had a great crowd and a lot of good auction items, and bidding was quite impressive. We should end up netting around $3,000, which will cover a good portion of our annual budget. (Yes, we are a small museum.)

Our visitor count has been good, and we were very pleased with the turnout for the Civil War Trust's Park Day earlier this month. Our friends and neighbors helped us accomplish quite a bit of work on the museum grounds, cleaning up leaves and other debris, along with reprinting the garage area that we use for storage.

We have made some new contacts with other local groups and have made plans to be represented at a couple neat local events in June.

It looks to be a promising year for us, and one sure to keep me occupied, thou that is no excuse for me to write so little.

I'm also involved with the Campbell County Historical and Genealogical Society and a group currently being formed as an association of local sites and groups associated with the Underground Railroad or other aspects of people seeking freedom along the Ohio River. Right now, our name is the Freedom Corridor or possibly the National Freedom Corridor, but it has potential to be a good resource in this area.

I do wonder how many other bloggers are involved as volunteers at such groups. Obviously, I have not contributed much to the Civil War blogosphere lately, but I do think my efforts with see other groups still provide a positive contribution to the study of the War and increasing interest and knowledge of it. I've met quite a few people in these roles and think that will only help me going forward.

Hopefully the time between this entry and my next one will not be so long. I ask for your forgiveness for my lack of activity, online at least.


  1. Good to see you are still out there! It sounds like you have been up to some great work. I completely get it--we all only have some much time for various Civil War-related projects, so it often a trade-off. I am involved with my local historical society and related spot projects, and between that, and reading about the war, and researching for blogging, I can't nearly post as much as I want. But in the end, it all goes to enrich my life, and I feel as though I am making a contribution in some way to Civil War history. It sounds like the same for you. As one of your readers, I'll look forward to your future posts, but I also say keep up the work with the other projects!

  2. Thnk you. I've missed the challenge of blogging and the joy of finishing a post.


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