Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back at Perryville

Here I am posting from near the museum at Perryville, one of my absolute favorite spots in the world ( admittedly I'm no great traveler.)

I just hiked for about 2 hours seeing a couple of places on the battlefield that I had not viewed before. I am very happy to have accomplished the goal of seeing these new scenes. 

As I type this ( on my tablet, so apologies beforehand for typos or auto- correct errors :) ) I'm eating a quick lunch and resting wondering if there is more i want to see today, if I should try to drive through the town or maybe should head on home.

I will post more about my visit soon, with some pictures I took, but, honestly, I just wanted to post an entry from the actual park. I do see a group of young children listening to a re- enactor talking about soldiering and his hobby. That is good to see. Hopefully they will grow up to appreciate this place and others like it and help protect this truly hallowed ground and I must give a shout out to the groundskeepers who I hear mowing the grass right now. They do a terrific job keeping this place so beautiful.

I w ill have a Memorial Day post published Monday and will come back with more my thoughts from today soon (though I expect them to be similar to what I have posted in the past. I still love this place)

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