Saturday, July 27, 2013

Patrotism Before Complexion

I recently received a copy of he "small edition " of the Cincinnati Daily Gazette of December 31, 1862 and found this little commentary on one of the main issues of the time especially with the Emancipation Proclamation scheduled to be signed by President Lincoln the next day

The story refers to another Cincinnati newspaper, the Cincinnati Daily Enquirer.

Patriotism Before Complexion

The Enquirer objects to the raising of black troops for service against the rebels. Does not its objection go more than skin deep? Is it not opposed to the raising of any kind of troops to fight the Democratic rebellion? But if, as the Democratic leaders recommended, the Democrats are to stay at home to vote, somebody must be had to do their duty in the field. In time of danger men fall to their level. Then a man is estimated by what he does, not by his complexion or race. And it will hardly be denied that a black man who offers his life in the war against the rebels is a vastly better man than a white man who stays at home to vote to aid them.

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