Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Very old Veteran Bullies a Very Young Girl?

So much for a post a week, huh? Sorry about my absence last week. I do have a couple of posts I'm trying to perfect, or at least finish :), but here is another story I found in the newspaper about a Civil War veteran i his post-war life

Could this be considered an example of bullying from almost 100 years ago?

Cincinnati Enquirer May  2, 1920

Charles Williams, 98 years old, veteran of the Civil and Indian Wars, residing at 918 Front st, Dayton, Ky filed suit  in Campbell Circuit Court yesterday, against Dorothy Worthington, 9 years old, and her guardian James Worthington, to recover $2,000.

Plaintiff alleges that in 1905  Isabell Plunkett, a relative of the defendants, contracted with him that if he would move into her home and take general charge of her  property, she would devise it to him at her death. He says that in accordance with this agreement, he moved into her home in March 1905. He says that she died in August 19, 1919, whereupon, he says, he ascertained that she had left him only a life estate in the realty and had devised the remainder in fee to her grandniece, Dorothy Worthington, the infant defendant in the case.

H alleges that during his incumbency as caretaker he rendered service to Isabella Plinkett, did housework and nursing, so that there is now due him from the estate the sum of $2,000.

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