Friday, November 7, 2014

Volunteer day at Perryville November 22

 Here is a good opportunity to help a beautiful battlefield become even prettier.

Attention Volunteer Day Rescheduled
We rescheduled the volunteer day for Nov. 22nd  starting at 10:00 a.m..  We have three major projects.
1 – Building the rail fence at the Dixville Crossroads
2- Cleaning up the old barn site on the Russell Farm including burning all the debris left over from Park Days fence removal.
3 – Removing the roof shingles and cleaning out the barn on the Lester property.

We need bodies for all three of these projects.  We also need men who own chainsaws and can run them for work on the Dixville Crossroads.  Small trees need to be taken out so we can get the fence built.  We will use the small trees for the post and rider fence to be constructed in the spring on the HP Bottom farm.

The Friends of Perryville will provide hot soup lunch and drinks for our volunteers.  Plus we are gibing a 25% discount in the museum shop – Christmas is coming!  We really really really need your help for these projects. 

Unless it is a blizzard or torrential rain the projects the volunteer day is set in stone.  

If you need further information please email  or call the park at 859-332-8631.

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