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Review: Texas Yankee: Homecoming by Jerry P. Orange

Jerry P. Orange
Copyright 2012
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After not doing many book reviews in recent months, I suddenly have done two in a row.

This book is different than most I review. It is a novel, a work of fiction. I have only reviewed such works once or twice, but will do my best on this one, offering my honest thoughts on it.

First, I must say I did receive a free copy of this for review. That will not affect my opinions, but readers should know that upfront.

Texas Yankee: Homecoming is  pleasant and entertaining read. It is set in the aftermath of the Civil War and tells a story that includes love, post-war tensions, adventure, secrecy and even messages from beyond the grave.

It focuses on the romantic relationship between distant cousins Joshua and Sarah, though Joshua is the main character, a young Union veteran trying to establish himself as a rancher, husband and father. It does introduce their families, friends and others in their circle, many of whom become familiar to the reader throughout the book.

It is a well-written story, with a style that makes it a quick and easy read. It is enjoyable.

It also has a very happy storyline. I do not want to give anything away, but I felt it featured much more good fortune than bad for most of the characters. The struggles seem to come and go quickly in this story, with happier times returning soon and the good outweighing the bad. That helps make the book more fun, though perhaps more drama might be expected from such a work. (For instance, I thought the tensions between an ex-Union soldier and his former Confederate family and neighbors could have been exploited a bit more.)

Overall, this is a fun read. In some aspects, I wish it had been a longer book and had explored some storylines more deeply or developed a few other potential ones, but the story it does tell is a fine one. It may not be a perfect match for this blog, but it does include some brief Civil War aspects and was a brief but pleasant diversion for me. It is a fine book for anyone looking for something fun to read.

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