Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wrap-Up and Some Sources for Hart Series

Well, my series on Derrill Wason Hart and his family has finally reached its conclusion with this post. It started out to be just one post, then evolved into perhaps two or three, but ended up being nine posts, including this one. I have really enjoyed this project and have learned quite a few new ideas about online research and how to continue to look for more information even when I think I am done. Perhaps some better planning would be helpful as well, though planning for the unexpected might not be easy. Still, this project has been good for me in more than one way. 

Anyway, I found and used many different sources in this series. Most are linked and/or mentioned throughout the various stories, but I originally noted that I would make a separate post of sources, so, to keep my word, here it is. Some of these may be duplicated in the various posts, but better safe than sorry.

Here is a list of the posts in this series.

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