Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Random Thoughts, including Perryville

I know I have not posted frequesntly in recent weeks and a couple of my posts have simply been typing of old newspaper articles without a lot of analysis. I like those posts, as the articles are ones I think are unique, at least to the area I live, as I am using an obscure old local newspaper, but I realize they do not appeal to all people. I do want to post more original thoughts and comments for thought and discussion and hope to do so, but I have been going through some stuff that has distracted me. Fortunately, I have found a new job, which will be starting in a couple of weeks, so that may allow me to focus more time here.

Anyway, as this hot summer continues, I've been thinking about the soldiers who marched and tried to camp in such weather. I have walked over the Perryville battlefield in hot weather before, even carrying a backpack full of drinks & snacks, but that was nothing like the equipment soldiers carried, though they would have loved the convenience of bottled water. I also was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and gym shoes, not wool pants and coat and brogans.As hot and tiring as my hike was, it was nothing compared to the soldiers' experience. Plus, I knew I was going to sleep in a cool air-conditioned room on a nice bed, not on hard ground during a hot, humid night, possibly with enemies just a few hundred yards away. I did not have to rely on old hardtack for supper, nor did I have to build a fire to  try to cook any meat I was lucky enough to have. The sheer boredom of so much of their time, plus the various physical challenges, including marching so many miles would have only  made a tough situation worse. I also wonder how bad our modern warriors have it on various fields throughout the world.

This little rambling session also reminds me that Perryville will be having a big re-enactment this fall. I hope to get to see it, though my new work may involve some weekends. The 2012 re-enactment was a pleasure to watch, one of the more memorable trips I have taken in recent years. Even if I go as just a spectator and not a volunteer, I think it would be neat to see this year's event, as they will be focusing on the area near the Bottom Farm and the burning barn. I have heard they have some neat plans for that, if the weather cooperates. I hope they will be able to pull off everything they have discussed.

At least they have good news about the preservation efforts there, as this article discusses. It is terrific to read and I am very pleased with it. The entire battlefield saved so far is in such nice shape and I'm sure the new acquisition will be well taken care of as well

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