Sunday, February 5, 2017

Post 600. Really?

I started working \on another post - which I may post later today, or perhaps in a day or two - and noticed that I have published 599 posts so far, so I decided to make this post to acknowledge post 600.

I started this blog in June of 2009, so it has been over 7 years, including a couple of long droughts without any posts, but I still think 600 is an impressive number. I certainly never realized I would blog for this long or make so many entries. I still may not make as many posts as I would ideally like to, but they are still fun to do. It feels great when I have a "voila!" moment and find something I want to post, even if it is just a link to a group I support or a reprint of an old newspaper article I find to be  interesting.

I do not do as many "editorial" type of opinion pieces as I expected to when I started this, but perhaps I will find a few more topics about which to pontificate here as this year rolls along.  I also want to do more reading again and post more book reviews. I am currently reading a good book and hope to finish it soon and offer my thoughts on it. Book reviews are pretty fun to write, though I admit that over the years I have read a couple of really bad books and I just do not review them. I do not want to be so critical in my reviews, though I will offer constructive criticisms in the reviews I do publish. Those other books I referenced  just did not have much good to review and I feel more comfortable just skipping them here.

Another thing that has come to mind is whether or not I want to change the design? I like the current look, especially all the blue color, but I have had this same look since late 2011, I believe, and I wonder if I want to change it. I changed it a few times in the first couple of years, but not recently. Do I want to change just to make a change, or just leave good enough alone? I don't know, but I'm sure I will think about it some more. Maybe I will make a change by June, when the anniversary of my first post here approaches.

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