Wednesday, March 6, 2019

New Statue of General George Thomas

Much to my surprise, here is another local story about the Civil War. This one came out late last week, but I just learned about it Monday and saw the link today.

In recent years, stories about Civil War-related statues have frequently been about controversies surrounding the removal, destruction or vandalism of these monuments (usually Confederate.)  The number of Confederate statues in Kentucky is much higher than the number of Union memorials, but this article is different as it discusses a new statue being created in honor of Union General George Thomas, for whom the Northern Kentucky military outpost (now a city) called Fort Thomas was named.

I was glad to hear this news and look forward to seeing the statue, wherever they place it in the city. 

From the first link above: A small-scale model, known as a maquette, of General George H. Thomas in full dress uniform.

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