Sunday, May 19, 2019

Check out "The Colonels of Spring Grove" posts

Over the years, I have tried to write a few stories based on headstones in local cemeteries. I even had an old blog dedicated to that and though that one  is no longer active, I do have one story from it that I will share here soon.

In the meantime, my friend Darryl Smith has started a fascinating series called "The Colonels of Spring Grove" about various colonels buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. He has already published several brief but interesting biographies of the colonels buried there. That's right - it's about the colonels, not the generals, who usually get the attention.

You can follow these by liking "Ohio at Perryville" on Facebook, or just go straight to the blog at

The first post of the series, with a map of the colonel's burial sites is here.

I highly recommend it.

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