Tuesday, August 11, 2020

1854 Commentary on Abolitionists

I know this is a short post without much research, but I found it to be an interesting take and another reminder that even a newspaper in a "free state" like Ohio could oppose abolition

This is from the Cincinnati Enquirer of June 1, 1854

If Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Abby Folsom  Mrs. Rose  Horace Greeley, Fred. Douglass and company, male and female, with all their disorganizing and seditious newspaper organs will only join in this Abolition exodus to Kansas Territory, we shall promptly contribute a thousand dollars to the emigrating fund, in order to remove these nuisances west of the Mississippi River; for on our side, or east of the Mississippi, their loss would be the public gain. — New York Herald

What sin has been committed by the virgin soil of Nebraska, that it should be cursed with such a gang of pestilential, social sores! 

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