Thursday, February 27, 2020

Brief Tour of a Few Abraham Lincoln Sites in Kentucky

After my brief trip to Perryville  I decided to spend a night in the area and do some more “heritage tourism” by visiting a couple other sites I had not seen for several years. 

I visited the small town of Hodgenville to look at the large Abraham Lincoln statue in the middle of the town and the smaller statue of Lincoln the boy that I had forgotten was there.

It was an enjoyable trip. The museum in Hodgenville is not huge, but is very nice. It is definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re already in the area, since it is not at all far from the birthplace. It is also near several other great tourist attractions and in hindsight I wish I had planned my trip more and made stops at Shaker Village, Fort Harrod, My Old Kentucky Home and the Civil War Museum in Bardstown. A trip to Danville would have been nice too.  Other readers might like the area because of the Bourbon Trail and the choices it offers, though that’s not for me. It is a wonderful region of the state, very scenic and with a lot of history. 

Here are some photos. The sky was not as perfectly clear as the day before, but it was a warmer day and stayed dry, so I cannot complain at all, especially in February.

The nearby museum was not yet open, so I headed to Lincoln’s Birthplace at the Sinking Spring Farm. 

I then returned to town to visit  the Lincoln Museum once its opening hour had arrived.  It is a neat little museum, certainly worth visiting. Here are just a few scenes from it.

Here are a pair of views from Lincoln’s Boyhood Hone on the Knob  Creek land

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