Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wonderful weekend for Battery Hooper Days

What a wonderful two days we just had. Who could believe temperatures in the 70s in mid-August? Yes, the few minutes of rain on Saturday were no fun, but, overall, we could not have dreamed up a much better weekend for this event.

I don't have official figures yet, but our final visitor count was over 1000 for the weekend and I believe over 600 today. Both our gift shop and used book sale made quite a few sales and our donation jars were not empty either.

The re-enactors did a great job. The 9th Kentucky (CSA) yesterday did a mock court-martial duirng which they convicted a soldier for desertion and then "executed" him. That was quite entertaining and they did a wonderful job.

I know the 6th Ohio "signed up" many children for service in the US Army and I saw them swear in one young soldier.

The 5th Ohio had their trust cannon there and, again, it was so cool

President Lincoln, and General Lew Wallace gave great speeches, the petting zoo was a hit again, and the women's fashion show today (put on by the Ladies' Living History Society) was very entertaining and drew a large audience. Seeing the lady dressed as though in the 2nd stage of mourning was quite interesting too - getting a first glimpse of her all-black outfit (except for a handkerchief, I believe it was, that was white with black trim) definitely caught your attention.

I'm sure there's more I forgot, but I'm very pleased with how it went and feel that all our hard work and attention over the past few weeks was worth it. This was a fun, entertaining and rewarding event and weekend. I admit that I'm proud of how it went.

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