Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stop him! Stop him!

I know ads for runaway slaves were not uncommon 150 years ago, but I have not stumbled across many in the Covington Journal, so I thought I would share this one from August 10, 1861

Ranaway from the subscriber on Saturday morning, the 4th inst., a negro man named

He is about thirty years of age, of light copper color, about six feet high, weighs about one hundred and seventy pounds, of rather sullen countenance; but when spoken to becomes pleasant; rather a stooped walk, or round shouldered. His clothing I need not describe, as he will of course change it.

I purchased said man of Mr. John Lyle, near Lexington, some eight years since. He has a wife at Mr. A. Blackwell's in Clarke county, Ky. He was raised in the county of Woodford, between Versailles and the Kentucky river, where he was apprehended some seven or eight years ago and lodged in the county jail.

I will give $150 reward if taken out of the State; $100 if taken in any county bordering the Ohio river; or $25 if taken anywhere else, and in all cases to be delivered in jail in this State so I get him.

W. C. Young
Jessamine County, August 7th, 1861
Covington Journal copy three times and charge this office. -[Lex. Observer]

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