Thursday, September 22, 2011

Former KentuckyGovernor arrested

From the Covington Journal of September 21, 1861, comes this story which this links says foreshadowed future Union policy throughout the Commonwealth.

Courtesy of Kentucky Historical society,

Arrest of Ex-Gov. Morehead
Prepared, as we have been by recent occurrences , for almost any exercise of power, we confess to no little surprise on reading the announcement of the arrest of Ex-Gov. Chas. S. Morehead,  He has always been noted for his conservative principles. No man was more devoted to the Union, or has labored more earnestly to avert the terrible calamities under which the country is suffering; no man has made greater exertions to maintain Kentucky in her position of neutrality.

Gov. Morehead has filled many important public trusts, and in no instance has his integrity been questioned, whilst his private life has illustrated those graces and virtues which at once command respect and admiration. His friends will not readily believe that he has been guilty of any offense justifying his arrest and transportation beyond the limits of the State. If guilty, let him suffer the consequences. But if, as we suspect, he has been arrested for opinion's sake, let the Legislature of Kentucky, acting in accordance with the spirit of the Conklin and Finnell resolutions, demand his instant release. 

I posted a description of those resolutions in a previous entry here

Here is more information  on Morehead's career, as well as  bit more on this link.

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