Friday, September 23, 2011

Departure of Home Guards

Here is an article with some local information from the Covington Journal  September 21, 1861

On Thursday night last a detachment of Home Guards left this city on the Kentucky Central R.R., for the purpose of guarding the bridges on that road. It was composed of the following companies: Kenton Union Guards, Capt. Farrell; Kentucky Grays, Lieut. Stacy; Capt. Condell's company; Boone Rifles, Capt. Heltimes, Marion Guards, Capt. Richardson of this city;and Capt. Artsman's company from Newport, numbering altogether about two hundred men. 

The night was a pleasant one and a good many people were present to witness the departure of the boys, who were heartily cheered as the train moved off. 

As the Grays were proceeding to the Depot, the ladies of the Madison House, through Maj. Clarkson, presented them with a handsome wreath.

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