Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some troop movements in Kentucky

The Covington Journal edition of September 28, 1861, had a few updates on troops moving in and through Kentucky, just a few weeks after the state's effort to maintain neutrality failed. These come from different sections of the paper so there are a couple of people, places or units that were mentioned more than once.

On Monday last, the Second Ohio regiment, Col. L.A. Harris, came over from Camp Dennison, Ohio, and took up quarters at Camp King, on the Licking river, back of Covington.

On Thursday the Thirty-fifth Ohio, Col. Vandevier, crossed the river at this point, and took cars on the Kentucky Central R.R. for the interior. 

On Friday morning the Fourteenth Ohio, Col. Steadman, came over and immediately proceeded to the interior.

A detachment of U.S. troops left Lexington at 10 o'clock Monday night for Frankfort.

Four pieces of ordnance were sent from Frankfort to Lexington on Tuesday.

There is now about 1100 troops at Camp King. 

Passengers by the train yesterday say that Vanderveir's Ohio regiment has taken possession of Cynthiana. There was no disturbance. (Note the different spelling of the last name compared to the other reference. I could not confirm either one on the Soldiers and Sailors site).

The Cincinnati Enquirer has it on reliable authority that the First and Second Kentucky regiments, now in Western Virginia, have been ordered to Kentucky.

Some twenty-five more army wagons passed through the city during the past week,  en route for the interior of the state

The Lousiville Journal is informed that about five hundred rebel troops from the counties of Jefferons, Bullit, Spencer and Nelson will rendezvous at Jim Macaulay's near Mount Washington, and attempt to make their way through on horseback to the Confederate forces on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. 

A battalion of rebel cavalry, under Mithcell Lapeille, drove in Captain Gibson's pickets last night, at Salt river. Four are missing. 

A Federal encampment has been established at Harrodsburgh. It is said they have arrested Ewing and Silvertooth, two prominent Secession Representatives. 

Gen. Sherman had possession of Muldrough's Hill yesterday.

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