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Defense of our Families at Home

Covington Journal September 28, 1861

At a meeting of the citizens of Covington, held Tuesday evening, for the purpose of devising means for the greater security of our city and vicinity, S. Easton was called to preside, and J.B. Jones appointed Secretary.

After a full discussion, the following address and plan for the organization of a Home Guard was unanimously adopted:

To the citizens of Covington:

The exigencies of the times - dangers impending from invaders from abroad and seditious men at home - demand the prompt organization of the true men of our city, not connected with other Union organizations, to aid in its protection and defense. It is therefore proposed that they enroll themselves at once for the purposes above mentioned.

No one who is in affiliation or sympathy with Secessionists, or with those, by whatever name they may be called, who are working, directly or indirectly, to break down our Government which our fathers gave their treasure and their lives to establish, and who ignore and oppose the authority of our own State Government, will be admitted into the organization. 

The names of applicants will be referred to a committee, and no name which does not receive the unanimous approval of that committee will be admitted. 

Applicants are requested to leave their names at the office of Sumerwell & Simmons, in the Madison House. 

A committee of five, on membership, was then appointed by the Chair; also a committee to draft rules for the government of the organization.

The meeting then adjourned to meet at Odd Fellows Hall, Friday night next, at half past seven o'clock.

S. EASTON, President
J.B. Jones, Secretary

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