Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Designs of the Abolitionists

From the Covington Journal of December 28,1861 comes this piece.

Perhaps the coolest thing since the war began, says the Chicago Times, is the purpose of the Abolitionists to convert the army, three quarters of whom are Democrats, into an instrumentality of Abolition. It is in prosecution of this purpose that the onslaught alluded to by our Washington correspondent is made upon Gen. McClellan. The Abolitionists understand that they cannot convert him into such an instrumentality, and believing that, if they can depose him, they can capture the President, they have set all their dogs upon him. It does not occur to them that, when he shall be deposed by their machinations, three-quarters of the army will lay down their arms; or, if this does occur to them, they are utterly reckless of the consequences of it. Or possibly their contemplated remedy for such event is a proclamation of universal emancipation and the arming of the negroes. What a state of things we should have, to be sure, three months hence, if the Abolitionists should have there way.

George McClellan, courtesy

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