Friday, January 6, 2012

Lincoln and Chase for Peace - an early 1862 article

Here is an interesting article republished in the Covington Journal of January 4, 1862. I think the final paragraph, expressing the thoughts of the Journal's editor is rather appropriate, but I still found the article it published to be interesting. Maybe it was just a sort of wishful thinking on the correspondent's part.


The Washington correspondent of the Maryland News Sheet under date of 26th ult., writes as follows:

"Whatever may be the result of the Mason and Slidell difficulty, it can add but little to the complication of affairs here. Members of the Cabinet are exceedingly disappointed at the failure of the Port Royal expedition - for a failure it is - and also at the inability, frankly expressed by Gen. McClellan to open the route to Richmond. The increasing war expenses begin to weigh most heavily. It is the opinion of men who ought to know, that President Lincoln and Secretary Chase, at least, would be glad to give the South pen and paper, and let them dictate their own terms - to preserve the Union. With all of the Cabinet, the war fever is over. The desire is now for peace."

We know that the public have very justly learned to distrust the facts as well as the speculations of newspaper correspondents, and we give the foregoing, as we find it, for what it is worth.

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