Sunday, April 29, 2012

Progress of Abolitionism

The Covington Journal continued its discussion of race and the abolition of slavery with this article from May 3, 1862.

See a previous entry here where this same paper expresses similar sentiments.

Progress of Abolitionism
It is a matter of history that since the beginning of the present session, the negro has occupied more of the time of our Congressmen than all other interests combined. An exchange gives teh following among the measures which have been passed or the benefit of the negro:
1. Recognition of the negro Empire of Hayti.
2. Abolishment of negro slavery in the District of Columbia.
3. Prohibiting our army officers from returning fugitive slaves.
4. Establishing a plantation for free negroes in South Carolina, and taxing the Northern people to support it.
5. Proposal to aid the States to abolish negro slavery, by taxing the Northern people to pay for the slaves.
6. To repeal the law which forbids negroes from being stage drivers or carrying the United States mail.
7. To prohibit slaveholders from taking slaves into Arizona Territory.
8. A committee of eight has been appointed in the House, to report a plan, at as early a day as possible, with a view to abolish slavery in Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and other States.

Now we defy any man to point out an equal number of measures, of equal importance, which have been passed for the benefit of the white race. It cannot be done. It has been "the negro" from the beginning of the session to the present time. Millions have been appropriated for his benefit, which the white race must pay by taxation.

Has this legislation promoted any essential interest of the white man? Has it "elevated" the negro or bettered his condition in any respect? After all, these are the practical questions to which tax-payers will turn their attention.

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