Friday, May 11, 2012

Good news for Perryville

I don't know how I missed this, but thanks to the very good Civil War Librarian blog for bringing this to my attention.

This link to the Advocate -Messenger of Danville reports that another 140 acres have been preserved, thanks to generous local citizens James Overstreet, Pat Overstreet and Lora June Overstreet and the Civil War Trust.

I am very glad to read this news and remind readers that the Civil War Trust is still working on saving more ground from this fierce fighting. The grounds already preserved form a beautiful site, a true treasure of which Kentucky can be proud, and hopefully this will continue to grow more in the future.

Below are a couple of pictures I have taken on the battlefield. I hope to get down there again later this month, but certainly will make another trip sometime this year. I STRONGLY encourage others to visit it too, especially if you have not been there. It is a wonderful place, and walking the many hills will greatly add to your understanding and appreciation of at least one of the challenges the thousands of men on those acres faced 150 years ago.

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