Saturday, July 21, 2012

Provost Marshall Takes Action in Covington

From the Covington Journal of July 19, 1862 comes this untitled notice, again showing that even this town on the very northern border of this Union state (just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati) faced the challenge of dealing with southern sympathizers. 

Several citizens of Covington were served with the following notice on Tuesday last: 

Provost Marshall's Office,
Covington, July 14, 1862

"Information having been furnished me, that your house has been for months past the rendezvous of rebel sympathizers, it is, therefore, ordered, for the maintenance of peace and good order, that all crowds congregating within the limits of my supervision, whose actions and conduct place them as enemies to their country, and whose sentiments and sympathies are known to be in opposition to the Government, be warned that such connivance on heir part will be considered as a direct violation of the orders of General J. T. Boyle, for the government of this Department.

James L. Foley,
Provost Marshal of Kenton County"

google map showing location of Covingtion

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