Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Using War Phrasing to Advertise

I found this advertisement in the July 12, 1862 Covington Journal. I've been surprised not to find more people and business using words and imagery about war to sell their products. I realize this is not a "war" post, but finding stuff like this while reading period newspapers has been one of the interesting parts of my blogging experience.

I'll transcribe the top part of it here, with the words that drew my interest (hey, isn't that what advertising is supposed to do? I guess this worked, even 150 years later). I tried to do a screen shot of the ad, but it takes up an entire newspaper page column, and would be much too small to read if I tried to add it here.

The Bugle Calls! The War  has Begun!

A War of Extermination against Bad Teeth, Bad Breath, Diseases Gums, Toothache, Earache and Neuralgia.

Our Artillery is

Dr. Wm. B. Hurd's 

A Complete Set of Remedies for
Preserving the Teeth
Purifying the Breath and Mouth
Curing Toothache and Neuralgia


  1. Dental diseases may have an effect on the teeth, the gums and other parts of the mouth opening. They can cause much more somber harms than a toothache; they can have an effect in chewing, smile, or converse correctly. Their harshness may assortment from a simple sore, to a common tooth cavity, or up to a deadly oral cancer.


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