Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Couple More Thoughts on Lincoln

Another scene I really enjoyed but did not think to mention yesterday was the sinning of Battle Cry of Freedom after the successful vote for the amendment. That is perhaps my favorite song of the Civil War era, or t least at the top of any lust of my favorites, and I thought that scene was very fun and a great addition to the film.

I am not enough of a film buff to try to judge the performances of the various cities and actresses, though I did get the feeling I was in Washingon in 1865 while watching these events, so that must be a compliment to their performances, but I confess that almost every time Thaddeus Stvens spoke or pleased on-screen, I knew it was Tommy Lee Jones. Perhaps that is because I am more familiar with him than with the others, but his voice as Stevens sounded to me like his voice from Men in Black. I do not know why I heard it like that and I thought Stevens was a powerful character in the film and very believable, but for some reason I just heard Jones' voice whenever he spoke and even saw Jones' face, though the wig did look like what I had imagined it to be on Stevens' head. I just knew that was Tommy Lee Jones whenever Stevens was on camera, but did not get the same feeling for the other characters.

Here is one good version of  Battle Cry of Freedom (not from the film) courtesy of YouTube. Perhaps I will try to find videos for a opulent mor of my favorite Civil War era songs and share them here too.

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